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Visual designer experienced in creating music and entertainment branding, artwork, packaging, merchandise, and digital content. Based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Wanderlust Hotel
Website Redesign


Wanderlust Hotel is a boutique destination in Singapore for curious voyagers. It has 29 one-of-a-kind rooms across 4 floors, each designed by a different design studio. With rooms such as "Pantone Yellow" and "Origami", every visit to Wanderlust is unique and unforgettable.


To showcase Wanderlust's somewhat quirky personality, the layout is driven by a signature pink, an asymetric grid and UI elements that take step out of the conventional. Simple but never boring, the focus is on showing the best of what Wanderlust has to offer the second the user lands on the page.

Discipline UI/UX



An overview of Wanderlust Hotel’s original branding and web presence.

*since the time of this conceptual redesign, Wanderlust Hotel has been acquired and renovated.



The redesign included a fresh font pairing, color palette, iconography and visual direction to show off the brand’s unique personality.

Taking visual cues from the existing logo, the iconography sports dashed lines and the typography balances the thinner Ayuthaya with HK Gothic Bold.

Wanderlust is Singapore's fantastical, high-styled answer to the question, 'Why can't we stay young forever?'”




Wanderlust lies in Little India, the art district of Singapore. Visitors can explore Little India through an interactive map, starting from the hotel. Clicking spots on the map reveal summaries about the piece and artist.



To keep the purchase experience simple and easy to navigate, the basics are kept with Wanderlust's signature pink.