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Visual designer experienced in creating music and entertainment branding, artwork, packaging, merchandise, and digital content. Based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Talk Stoop – USA Network
Brand Refresh: Motion


Talk Stoop is a television talk show where celebrities join Nessa on a stoop for an intimate interview covering career highlights and life stories.

The broadcast reaches 12 million viewers/month and is played on USA Network as well as taxi cabs across the United States.

Studio BGSTR

Discipline Animation + Design 

Creative Director Ross Henderson
Producer Shannon Hall
Designer Cindy Nguyen
Animator Jane Wu / Cindy Nguyen




An overview of Talk Stoop's branding prior to the refresh.



In updating the Talk Stoop brand, we introduced a bolder, refined color palette and created a flexible system for typography which is shown in the title cards, lower thirds, ad spots and various interviewee introductions. 



The smooth animation for the refresh played on the rectangular shapes of the steps of the stoop themselves. The block transitions also included visual cues for various segments such as “Questions From the Cup.”



Since its launch, the refreshed Talk Stoop ecosystem has been utilized on social media, a new podcast and various step-and-repeat backgrounds on the show itself.