Bingeland – Drive In

Brand Extension



With streaming sites available, watching episodes of our favorite tv shows tv has often become an activity we do alone, while engaging on social media. Hulu takes on the challenge of redefining TV once again but this time, bringing the community back together.


Introduce a modern day viewing party through a string of drive-in movie theaters that stream popular TV shows airing on Hulu, bringing fandoms and communities together in one place.

Discipline Branding + Packaging

Date Summer 2018

︎ Student Project

Art Directors
Nik Reed
Ezell Brown, Cindy Nguyen
Paul Malloy

Come Together.


The Bingeland identity is a nod to elements, typography and image treatment from the early days of television combined with Hulu's clean, minimal visual. We utilized a bright, energetic yellow-green alongside Hulu's black, white and primary green to encourage excitement and interaction as well as give Bingeland it's own standalone personality.

The Bingeland Experience


To give attendees an experience of escaping reality and being in the world of Bingeland, employee badges, food packaging, show tickets and custom portable speakers are all designed to match the overall identity.



The identity is adaptable for special events such as season premieres. By utilizing the unique palette of featured shows combined with Bingeland's graphic elements, themed tickets, menus and monthly brochures also act as collectible merchandise for fans of the show.



Custom introduction, intermission and bumper spots to be played during off-times at the drive-in. 



Bingeland’s website is an information portal for purchasing tickets and viewing the month's schedule and food menu.



Bingeland navigational signs dim during showtimes and switch on before and after showtimes, as well as during intermission to help attendees navigate to the exits, restrooms and concessions.