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Agathon – Print Publication
An Exploration of Human Relationships


Agathon is a quarterly publication that explores the different types and angles of relationships we have with the people, society, material things and ourselves.

It is based on Plato's "The Symposium," where a poet named Agathon invites philosophers onstage to each give a speech about their understanding of love.


Poetic and sophisticated, Agathon is conceptually an aquarium, showcasing stories using surrealism and symbols. Its layout labors over minimal details with an artistic and eccentric delivery.

Discipline Packaging 

︎ Student Project



Every issue of Agathon has an overarching theme for its feature stories, such as the spring issue, “Beginnings” and summer issue, “Changing”. The imagery and literature all reflect different angles of the theme.

“Love is the name for our pursuit of wholeness, for our desire to be complete.”




Departments include:

Deep Dive, mini stories from readers based on the different types of love as explained in Ancient Greek, such as Eros (passionate love), Philia (brotherly love) and Ludus (uncommitted love) as well as

Message in a Bottle, an advice column answering letters from readers pertaining to the theme of the issue.



No New Notifications

A featured opinion piece about our relationships with technology, media and drowning in information.

First Breath

A research-based story by psychologist Rochel Gelman, about our first relationships with ourselves and the earliest memories we have.

“Do You Have a Place For Me”

A short story written by Roxanne Gay about a forbidden summer love between two women inspired by the poem by xTx under the same name.