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Jon Batiste – We Are

Album Packaging


Jon Batiste is a Grammy award-winning American singer, songwriter, musician and composer.

“We Are”
celebrates Black American culture and music while exploring themes of lineage, authenticity, excellence and evolution. This album is about honoring roots and traditions, while looking forward to the future and constantly evolving. The album won Album of the Year at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards.

Source: Rough Trade

Verve Records
Creative Director Ryan Rogers
Photographer Justin French
Cover Illustrator Karla Cordova
Packaging Designer Cindy Nguyen
Date January 2021



The “We Are” LP release consisted of a 12” vinyl with traditional Verve labels and a A5 lyric booklet.

The jacket was printed on matte cardstock and the inlay features liner notes by Quincy Jones.





The album found a home in vinyl collections around the world.

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